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Four Basic AC Troubleshooting Tips

When your AC stops working all of a sudden, the cause could be anything, from a blown fuse to a tripped circuit breaker.

While most issues with your AC would warrant a professional technician’s attention, there are instances when a homeowner could remedy basic issues with some minor troubleshooting.

The following guide on AC troubleshooting shall help you tackle the four most common issues you could have with your AC.

Kindly note a lot of the most common issues with air conditioners could be a direct outcome of improper maintenance. To make sure issues do not arise in the future, we recommend you sign up for a yearly maintenance program for your HVAC system if you’d like to know about the maintenance services or programs that we offer at Red Carpet Air, kindly contact us now or visit our website.

1. Your AC Doesn’t Turn On

If your air conditioning system is not turning on, first inspect your external unit to ascertain whether the condenser is functioning. Ensure the unit is properly plugged and the thermostat settings are right.

Lower the thermostat by five to 10 degrees to check if that addresses the issue – and ensure your thermostat is in the cool setting. John, our maintenance manager, points out that thermostats can be a bit tricky usually and homeowners should read the manual that came in the box to save themselves valuable money and time.

Then find out whether a tripped circuit or blown fuse is the problem.

If your AC’s coil is frozen or it still won’t turn on, there could be an issue with its compressor or motor, and you must contact an HVAC professional to get the system repaired.

2. Your AC is Not Giving Out Cool Air

If your AC has no problems turning on and the thermostat settings are correct, but the system is still not cooling, it could be a case of a blocked or dirty air condenser. The first thing you should do is check the external unit and clean its exterior and surroundings and eliminate weeds or debris that could be blocking air circulation.

Next, make sure the filter is clean. Several times, when the filter is dirty, and it mitigates airflow to the coil, coil freezing issues can arise. If your AC is on for most of the day or you have pets in the house, your AC filter would require changing a lot more frequently. If you cannot see through the filter, it means it needs cleaning or replacement.

If your AC is still having trouble cooling air, there could be issues with your refrigerant or compressor, and you may have to call a professional for help.

3. Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your House Adequately

If your AC is turned on and is on the right settings, but the cooling is still not up to the mark, your AC unit may not be the right size for your house.

Remember, your system must always be adequately sized to ensure your house stays cool during summer. On average, the AC must not have trouble maintaining an indoor temperature that is at least 20 or 25 degrees lesser than what’s outside. Your air conditioner, in other words, is not made to maintain a 65-degree temperature inside when the temperature outside is 95 degrees.

If it’s a regular summer day and the AC is still having trouble keeping up, there could be an issue with the frozen evaporator coil or charge. If there is icing on the external unit, turn off the AC and call in an expert.

Reasons To Hire Qualified Personnel To Perform Your HVAC Work

Reasons to Hire Qualified Personnel to Perform your Work

There is a range of sensitive services that clients must not trust anybody in the market to deliver. For instance, the services include medication, care repair, and maintenance, plumbing, reparation of furnaces, haircutting among other services. These services require expertise, vast experience, reliability and high level of professionalism. If professionals do not deliver the services, they are likely to cause delays when they are urgently needed and at times losses. For instance, if car maintenance and reparation services are not carried out correctly, accidents and various engine heating are the results. Therefore, clients must not worry as HVAC installation and Maintenance Company is the right people for this job.

Reasons to hire the Right professionals for these services

Hiring HVAC installation and maintenance Company is the right decision and investment. These professionals install and carry out repairs correctly, therefore, cut off completely ongoing and upcoming issues. HVAC system delivers and meets families required comfort. Contracting HVAC is a significant family investment, and therefore they require the right professionals who have appropriate knowledge on how to fix them properly.

However, clients can be tempted to pick HVAC contractors at lower prices as the best deals. This sounds good as it reduces maintenance and repair costs, but it sacrifices the expected quality services a client deserves. Thus, when HVAC contractor keeps lower prices for their service delivery, clients must be aware that their systems are vulnerable to experiencing more issues. This translates frequent reparations thus more costs. Choosing the right HVAC contractors with the required knowledge and expertise is crucial. The contractors will install the systems as required and repair them properly thus reducing related upcoming issues.

How to identify average and poor HVAC contractors

As clients interact with the contractors, some signs and indicators distinguish qualified and poorly rated contractors. Average and poor contractors lack proper communication skills with their clients; they sell their workmanship at low prices to remain relevant and loved by the clients. They always try to persuade customers to buy spare parts that are not required. Still, qualified HVAC contractors have thorough knowledge in their practice; thus, they can dictate buying of unusable spare parts.

Fake contractors usually give themselves credit on the work they have not performed. They always provide instant solutions to faults without properly studying them. Moreover, poor contractors are less concerned to take care of the equipment they are using, and they lack quick and genuine responses to their customer questions. Finally, they are never licensed in the field they are practicing.

Signs and indicators of a qualified HVAC contractor

Qualified HVAC contractors always deliver services that are customized to their client needs and expectations. Ideally, they come to work fully prepared with the right tools for the job. They demonstrate great etiquette and respect to clients family. For instance, after work, always clean their workstation and remove shoes before entering the house.

Qualified HVAC contractors answer customers questions correctly since they have vast knowledge in the field they practice. They have excellent communication skills thus handle different clients differently and satisfy them by offering correct responses. Moreover, they make accurate estimations of the materials they need to complete the work. As such, they give an explicit, detailed estimate that includes their labor; thus; clients can easily interpret and understand their estimations. Qualified HVAC contractors also use standard and quality brands to make the installation. They are licensed in their field of practice.

Ways to Identify Trustworthy and Reliable HVAC Contractors.

The first way is by asking questions. Fake contractors will give complex responses challenging to understand. On the other hand, qualified contractors give clear, detailed and straightforward responses. Secondly, at all times follow your heart. For instance, if you are feeling uneasy with the contractor, do not hire him/her. Such feelings are crucial and justified. Lastly, always seek information concerning the installation or fault you want to correct. This will equip you with knowledge and information. Therefore, fake contractors will not take advantage of your ignorance.

Briefly, Sensitive services always need qualified personnel to handle them. It is therefore advisable to have vast knowledge on the ways of identifying qualified and fake HVAC contractors before you hire them. This will help you to hire qualified services hence save time and resources.

Finding A Reputable HVAC Contractor

Do you require heating or air conditioning in your house, but have no inkling where to begin? Your primary step is to find an HVAC contractor of repute. This task might seem difficult initially, but we are going to assist you by pointing out certain significant things you should remember when selecting a contractor. You have to do this once only. You will be for all of your future cooling and heating needs once you find a dependable contractor.


Make sure that the HVAC contractor is insured. You might be responsible for any damages to your property or personal injuries that may occur during the job in case you hire an uninsured contractor. Before you sign any contract ask to see a certificate of insurance. In addition, ensure that the contractor is licensed in the state where the work will be done. This assures that they meet the criteria for their line of work. This may seem quite basic, but HVAC systems, being quite complicated, should always be installed by a well-trained, licensed, and insured contractor. Do not feel embarrassed to ask the HVAC contractor you hire to show copies of these insurance certificates and licenses.

Better Business Bureau accreditation BBB A+

Your best friend is The Better Business Bureau when you are planning to hire a contractor of repute. The aim of this organization is to assist consumers in finding trustworthy businesses. To be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a business must go through several steps to verify that they are experienced and professional. These businesses are also bound by specific standards; therefore, you can be sure you are selecting a responsible and reputable business when you see the BBB mark of accreditation. Go online and examine the BBB for reviews of the business you plan to hire. You can see the overall rating and complaints against the business too.


Before hiring a heating contractor to work in your home, it is ideal to talk to someone for whom they have worked before. To talk to previous customers about their experience, request the contractor for a list of references. If you find that a previous client had an awesome experience with a specific contractor, the chances are that you will too. In addition, ask your family and friends if they can recommend anyone they know in the area.

Financing options

Cooling and heating your home can be expensive; therefore, choose a contractor offering the best attractive financing options. Numerous HVAC contractors offer direct financing to their customer. At our air conditioning store, we offer low/ no interest financing plans and rebates that can immensely reduce your final cost. They will be happy to help you with all of the details. Whether you have a big budget and you’re looking at financing an entire heating or cooling system. In case you’re looking for something less expensive and simpler, ensure your contractor provides you with affordable options that meet your needs.

Ask before you hire an HVAC contractor:

Does your heating contractor provide FREE written estimates?

It is better to get a written estimate, so you know concisely the number of days the project will take, exact equipment to be used, and have a clear idea of the work to be performed, etc. This provides you with all relevant information for free and gives you time to ponder over your selections. We only offer only top-grade products with excellent warranties and provide that in writing. We have a huge list of satisfied clients who look upon us for their future projects and also recommend our name to their friends, family members, and colleagues who are on the lookout for professional and affordable heating contractors.